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Rajmachi Fort Trek

Test your withstanding

For those who love to experience most of nature’s gift in one day trip and also push their own limits.

What makes this trek to Test your withstanding? Well Rajmachi Fort (Killa) one of most scenic place in hills of Sahyadri Mountains (Western Ghats) at a distance of 17 Km from Lonavala, Pune is known for its long off road trails.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Things you will witness in this trek –

  • Amazing trails, narrow risky off roads with trees one side and other side deep lush green valleys with numerous waterfalls.
  • Flowing rivers and water reservoirs.
  • And finally beautiful fort with remarkable height of 872 meter (from sea level).

Our Journey to Rajmachi Fort –

Phase 1

Our group always wished to explore Pune and make the weekend worthy by refreshing ourselves. This year’s monsoon made us to identify ourselves as trekkers and riders. Loved to explore Pune and it’s beautiful surroundings.

We started our journey to our chosen destination before sunrise @5am so as to reach early, avoiding traffic and people crowd. Our route was Pune to Lonavala and then from Lonavala to Rajmachi Fort via Kunhe Village. Distance was 85 Km from our place of which we covered 70 Km in 1.5 hour, remaining 15 km will mention about it soon below.

On the way we had breakfast at Lonavala (17 km away from destination). Don’t forget to take one stop here if you are not having own prepared meal packed with you. You will need to energise yourselves to travel further.

We were on own Bikes, which we mutually prefer convenient to travel. Whereas there are other options like to take local train also from Pune station to Lonavala and then through local vehicles reach a place near to Udhewadi village base, from where you required to walk 6 Km to reach fort. This place at a distance of 6 Km is the best that can be reach with four wheelers by an experience driver only and also by bikers. Where as many of the visitors avoid to ride further from Kunhe village itself (Della Adventure Park) because of very bad condition of road.

“Well in connection to express my love for travel, it’s always a mystery how come a person who sleeps till 7-8 o’clock in the morning wakes up so early when such trips are organized. For me the morning rides are always a cheer up. I love to enjoy the cold morning breezes and the changing sceneries around highways with the sunrise. Riding to Lonavala it’s always been great experience and further to Rajmachi Fort, it’s beauty established a wish to visit again, even the off riding tested our limits.”

Now it’s time to talk about that remaining 15 Km travel. To complete this small distance and to reach our destination we spend almost 2 Hrs of time, surprised! Well as I described above about very bad condition of road from Kunhe village, this is one. Entire 15 km of this span gets more worst in monsoon. Inspite of such road, we made to turn our bike wheels in mud many a times on rocks and reached to the base of fort safely. We were one of the few peoples who ride mid-range bikes to the base of fort, it was really tough. Whereas many of the people prefer to walk all the way 15 km, hats off to them. We guys smiled to each other, once we parked our bikes at base of fort aside to other high end off road bikes.

From Kunhe village, once the cement road was ended. At that time only we were stunned by seeing such a high level off-road. But we didn’t give up and this victory to ride on such a road for us it was ‘darr ke aage jeet hai”.

Phase 2

Our decision to not give up justified, when we finally settle down at top of fort and looking around to nature view with our deserving eyes. It felt like, here the nature and adventure go hand in hand and we also handshake both. Covered with deep green valleys, clouds, high flat lands having big water reservoir, khandala ghat, seeing train passing through mountains and to all this view the Kataldhar waterfall adds four moons.

It took only 35-40 mins to reach at top of the fort. Many rest spots are there to catch your breath. We would rate this trek in climbing as medium. Only you have to be cautious if it is raining. Also want to bring you into notice this fort being covered from all four sides with mountains and valleys, here wind doesn’t flow well as we can experience on other forts. Also if you decided to accomplish it by walking, carry enough water and be hydrate.

Way towards top of Rajmachi Fort –

Self-battle to withstand again and return back to that 15 Km off road doesn’t let us down in anyway. Because the breath taking scenes energize us. The worthy feeling to witness all nature beauty energize us.

To witness this thrill which mark as long term beautiful memory you need to plan visit to Rajmachi fort once.

Breath taking scenes from top of Rajmachi fort –

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